miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2019

Weekly progress report

Hello guys!! Is time for our weekly progress report. We have lots of stuff for this week and we had lots of thing last week too, let's recapitulate Today we had the public release of Lust Vessel v0.15 (here) and last Friday we had the first release of NBNL 0.2 (here) we also had a poll for our bonus game and some previews even.

So what about our progress for the last few days? Well we are about to finish Lust Vessel v 0.16, at the moment the scene Agrosan previewed is the last scene so we are almost done, although we think v.016 will be up between next Wednesday and next Friday to be sure, maybe even earlier.
So it's time to think about what's next, our mini bonus game based on Selene for our patrons. Since it's a full game it will take us a little longer than usual to make, normally a new version of Lust Vessel take us around 5 weeks to make, but this game is designed to be a short one so it will take us around 6 weeks to make it and it will be complete on release so take it as a small vacation from Lust Vessel endings.

Now for our trivia fact of the week, the design for was originally stated as Kate's green and slutty friend, then it went evolving to being somewhat of a tomboy (still being slutty) and we decided to give it an air of Mordred (from fate) and that's how we decided Cheba's looks.
That concludes our report for this week!

Have a nice day!!


miércoles, 16 de octubre de 2019

Weekly progress report

Hello guys! As every Wednesday here we are with our usual report, so let's start with the big news for our non patrons, Selene will have a short bonus game, we will start working on it as soon as we finish version 0.16. But don't worry is a short one so you can have some variety since our last versions had been mostly endings.

Now for our crewmen, we finally updated the arbook, we were sure that we already did that but it turns out that we still had version 0.14, now is finally fixed so you can enjoy every it in it's full splendor (here).

In relation of Selene's game since is mostly fanservice we want that you have a say in the scenes that will be featured, so this week we will be asking our officer tier patrons if they have some ideas, depending on the quantity we will have a poll with their ideas, then we will have more polls including our officers and finally a poll where every patron votes.

Now for the real progress part, version 0.16 is coming right on schedule, it should be out by the end of the month, so everything is okay on that front, Agrosan will start working on Lucila's scene this weekend and Criss is working on a scene with Bob. On the other side NBNL should come out during the weekend or at the beginning of the next week and the game is big I just need to add an event that works as an ending for version 0.2.

Trivia fact of the week: In Lust Vessel I haven't decided yet if Erika is the smartest on the group or the dumbest, at least she is quite sure that she is the smartest, the one that I decided that should be smart is Cheba that should be in 1st or 2nd place. For the dumbest that place is between Kate and Lucila, since is not part of their personality like it's on Erika's case I haven't felt the need to decide about that.

That's our progress report for this week!

Have a nice day!!


miércoles, 9 de octubre de 2019

Weekly progress report

Another important part for today's report is to announcement  that on Friday we will have a Selene related announcement  he is working on the ending image for Kate, Myra and Erika ending, judging by the poll (here) next scene will feature Kate and Lucila, but I posted the poll yesterday so things can change.

Another important part for today's report is to tell you that on Friday we will have a Selene related announcement, we think that you will like it, but we will stay quiet until then and our free user will have to wait until our next progress report to read about this.

On other news NBNL v0.2 is almost ready it will be out next week, between Wednesday and next Friday, besides work stuff I took long to make this version there is too much content in it, it will contain a lot of events and lots of stuff to decide for Nicole's new life and lots of new people to meet.

Our trivia fact for today is about cut content for Lust Vessel, when we started working on Lust Vessel we overestimated our capacity to work fast, so aside from having 12 characters in the game we had a lot of other ideas, like the ship getting raided by pirates or Selene being some kind of mini boss who later joins the party. We also intended to make a bigger part of the ship explorable and the monorail was going to be the quick travel option for the stations you unlocked, that would have made a very big ship but the game would have been very slow, to be honest it was very big to make it as our first game.

But that is our report for the week, remember to come back to the page on Friday for a Selene related surprise and next week we will have NBNL version 0.2.
I hope you have a nice day!


miércoles, 2 de octubre de 2019

Weekly progress

Hello guys! Time for our progress report, I want to start by reminding our passenger tier patrons that Lust Vessel 0.15 is out and ready for you (here) later today I'll be posting the how to get the scenes I apologize for not having it, but last week was very hard (I worked around 80 hours not counting the last parts of Lust Vessel) I also intend to add a part to the guide on how to get the endings.
 We are working on some Selene related ideas, we will do something related to her soon, but we have to define a little bit more of stuff before we start promising or announcing stuff, but it will come soon.

On the progress part of our report, Agrosan is still working on the threesome scene and the scene will be ready for the weekend,  he is also working on the artbook so it will be updated soon with alternative versions of each ending. On my part the last days I only worked in my other work so no news here other than I can work normally this week and I won't have another week like that until next year so don't worry about the game getting stalled by work.

For NBNL, I intended to release version 0.2 this week, but with my computer failing and then a massive amount of work I couldn't work much in it, so I think version 0.2 will be out next week and I'd say that it will be worth it.

For the rest of the week, we will have a new poll for a scene, since officers in the last poll decided that version 0.16 will have 1 ending and 2 scenes, probably the second scene will be decided by us but that's something for other week.

Finally the trivia facts are back!!! For this week we have the family of Kate, Kate is the middle child and have two sisters, we never defined much about her mother, but Kate is her father's girl and he works in a demolition company. In our first ideas of the game we intended the bonus images to work as another story based on Kate's little sister who is a massive slut (And Kate doesn't know it), in game we have two mentions about Kate's sister 1- Kate wants to bring a souvenir for her 2- Cheba talks about a friend who wants to be a pornstar. The idea of the quest was for Kate to find different videos of her sister and finding out that Cheba and her sister were fuck buddies, but we ended up scraping the idea.

That's all for this progress report.
Have a nice day!!

viernes, 13 de septiembre de 2019

Lust Vessel 0.14 Download

Version 0.14 is finally here! time to enjoy a lot of Myra related content and her first ending with a little bit of Selene sprinkled.
- Myra pornstar ending added with her ending scene + epilogue added
- Myra, Selene and Kate threesome scene added
- Myra's third scene added
- Bug fixes

How to get the scenes 
- To get Myra's third scene you need to have sex at any time on the ship and then talk with her on the ship after you escape.
- For Myra's ending there are two steps
1) This is common to both of Myra's endings as well as Erika's, you need to have sex with Erika, find a yuri book in the convention center after rescuing Myra and loose against the formortian girls while playing as Erika. You also need to have sex with Myra, all of this before coming back from the part where you play as Erika.
1-2) If you have completed all the requiriments Myra and Erika will start fighting for Kate, so you have to decide if you want only one of them or both, for this one select only Myra.
2) Then you need to find Kanna Fox anthology : After you rescue slimy go and talk with Myra, then inside the building   go to the shop on the upper right, check the lockers to get a set of   keys, when you can go out go back to the red light district and check   the building in the lower left, inside check the locker to get the   collectable. This is important, after you find the collectable go directly to Myra, if you go back to Selene the story will continue and you will miss this part, after you go back to Myra with the item, she will tell Kate that she is thinking in going back to doing porn, encourage her to do it and then after you escape talk with her to get the ending.
- For Myra and Selene threesome, complete steps 1 and 1-2 for the ending, before you rescue Selene on the mall check that you have 30+ Lust, if you have it after the rescue Selene will offer to have sex with Kate, accept it and after they are done talking Kate will want to have a threesome.

Pc  Workupload - Mediafire - Mega
Mac Workupload - Mediafire - Mega 

miércoles, 11 de septiembre de 2019

Weekly progress report+ Lust Colony preview

Hello guys! Lust Vessel 0.15 release is coming closer and closer!! But there is more to that, let's start by the release date, we calculate that it will be ready in 7-10 days after that we will start with Lust Colony and go back to Lust Vessel 0.16.
But that report would be too simple, at least we have ta talk about Erika's new appearance, it will be only for that ending but it's nice to see a different version of our characters (here) luckily in Lust Colony we will have the option to see our character in different clothing and it's nice too see that in version 0.15 we will have 5 endings already (not counting the bad one) hopefully we will see all of Lust Vessel endings by the end of the year, so we can start making the "expansion" and focus on Lust Colony too.
Work for the next week would be weird to calculate, on one hand we have a free week for national holidays, so we can work, but on the other side our national holidays consist manly on drinking and eating, so I'm not sure if we will be working faster or slower than normal.
On our bonus side, NBNL v0.2 has already 12 days of gameplay, although game days are shorter than the intro, one event on the morning and another in the afternoon/evening. technically it would be 15 days since there are repeatable events to grind stats and those stats grant access to another events, so I'm calculating that NBNL v0.2 will be out 1-2 weeks after Lust Vessel (which is the priority)
To continue our trivia facts about a year ago when we were 3 people on the team, we intended to have work sessions, now the concept seems weird to me since Agrosan works better during the night and I work during the morning/afternoon, and now it's worse by our schedules, luckily we can still work reliably on the project.
And here it is one of Lust Colony's backgrounds, this will be the planet that Sophie is in.

That's our report for the week!
Have a nice day!!
- Sebrioson

miércoles, 28 de agosto de 2019

Weekly progress report

Hello guys! as every Wednesday it's time to report about our progress, we don't have much to report this week, since we have been mostly progressing trough version 0.15. My usual meeting with Agrosan was delayed so we might have some surprises for the week, but for the time being I'll just talk about the stuff that already happened and no new stuff for the week.

But let's talk about Lust Vessel 0.15, during last week we had a poll for our officers, there is still time to vote, but at the moment the results are mostly ready, the poll was about the content of version 0.15, our latest versions are centered in one ending and version 0.15 is centered in Myra's girlfriend ending, but that would take 1 new scene + 1 ending image, and considering Erika's girlfriend ending came in second place we asked our officers if version 0.15 should include both endings or if only will contain Myra's ending + 2 couple scenes. At the moment version 0.15 will contain both versions. That was a very long to say the results of a poll, aside from that Agrosan is starting this version's second scene today ( I'm mostly sure).

For our trivia fact, Agrosan and I live 1.000 kms (621 miles)  apart, the only reason we ended up working together is because Agrosan and Ankyor (the guy who started the game with us) were cousins, that's why we have our weekly meetings.

Sorry for the boring report, but it's very likely we will surprise you with at least a preview or a poll during the week.

Have a nice day!


Weekly progress report

Hello guys!! Is time for our weekly progress report. We have lots of stuff for this week and we had lots of thing last week too, let's r...